What is a Beacon?

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Beacon is a low energy Bluetooth device (BLE, aka Bluetooth Low Energy) that is able to communicate with Bluetooth compatible products like smartphones, laptops, etc.

The beacon technology is more than 10 years old. Apple introduced the technology and protocol in 2013 at the company’s developer conference. It was called iBeacon, it was able to communicate only with Apple devices. Later many producer made beacons that could function as an iBeacons.

Then Google came and introduced the Eddystone protocol. It enabled the communication between Android smartphones and beacons. Google dreams about a world where beacons connect the physical world with the web (Physical Web).

We, at BeaconLink, work with Eddystone beacons because those can communicate with Android and iPhone smartphones as well. The only condition is to have a downloaded Google Chrome app on the phone.

How does a beacon look like?

Like this. Its is a 3x3x1 cm little box that can fit in your hand.


How does an Eddystone beacon work?


The beacon broadcasts a URL, that can lead to any web hosted content (website, picture, coupon). The beacon’s radius is between 30 and 100 meters. The Google Chrome browser explores the beacons (Physical Web objects) nearby. That simple. The infographic below shows the process. 

Beacons can be used in lot of areas:

  • Safety technology,

  • Location analytics,

  • Marketing.


We are in Marketing. We help restaurants, shops and institutions to make their marketing process more effective.


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