Reach potential customers around
Send push notification to anyone around without mobile application!
What is BconLink?
BconLink is a marketing tool that makes your business or advertistment visible on the smartphone of anyone around.
How is it possible?
With Beacons! Beacons are low energy Bluetooth devices that are able to send push notifications though Opera and Chrome browsers on smartphones nearby.

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Share diverse content!
You can send any web hosted content via Beacons
  • Picture
  • Responsive website
  • Coupon
Who should use BconLink?
Any company that wants to make its offline ads and presence more interactive.
  • Shops,
  • Restaurants,
  • Events,
  • Museums,
  • Festivals
  • Airports
How does it work?
Beacons broadcast URLs. Browsers (Chrome iOS, Chrome Android, Opera Android, Physical Web app), installed on the user’s smartphone, are searching for nearby objects (URLs). When the browser finds an URL, it sends push notification. If the user clicks on the notification, it opens the URL and loads a webpage. The website provides information of the „beacon”.

*The connection is established under the condition that Bluetooth is turned on.
*Tovább olvasnál a Beacon technológia működéséről?
Do you want to use Beacon based marketing?
Do you want to use Beacon based marketing but you do not know where to start? No problem, we help! Drink a coffee with us!

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